Our Philosofy

The vineyard is the heart of the entire undertaking.
Sometimes it drives us mad, and on other occasions it makes us rejoice. It’s there, nevertheless, that we spend a considerable portion of our lives. We try to comply with its demands and thus allow its personality to emerge, without unwarranted strain or tension. On this account we strive to obtain each year the proper quota of production, thus avoiding excessive falls in yield. We harvest our crop exclusively by hand, placing the clusters in small boxes and pressing the grapes in the spaces of a few hours after they have been removed from the vine.
Our winery produces only two types of wine, namely a Cru and Cuvee. The “Cantico della figura” is our Cru, which proceeds exclusively from grapes grown in San Francesco’s vineyard, one of the most important components of our farm. Our Cuvee, conversely, called “Andrea Felici” is made from a blend of grapes harvested in various other vineyards on our farm.
We allow the wine to mature and mellow in vitrified vats of cement and stainless steel for a period much longer than the minimum prescribed by disciplinary regulations.
Our aim is to make available high-quality wines, characterized by long life, typicality and distinctiveness, that induce the consumer to exercise keen sensorial perceptivity and profound reflex ion, thereby not only gratifying his palate, but likewise generating a deeply emotional experience. The end result is a wine ready for immediate and pleasurable consumption, which is no less exquisite if opened even years later, when its flavor and mellowness will have reached its culmination.