About Us

Between Apiro and Cupramontana, right at the heart of the lands of Verdicchio, we have been devoting our utmost care to our vines for generations. We strive to make true wines, telling the story of our wonderful land and, to some extent, of us personally, of our passion, and of our determination, by which we have made so many sacrifices and a few privations to go on and always try to get the best from our ten hectares of vineyards. We have made it, at last, or so it seems. Critics praise us and our products are included in the wine-list of several important restaurants.

But there is still a long way to go, as we know. This is why we make one small step ahead every year, as Verdicchio, the world’s greatest white grape, demands.


Premio Gambero Rosso

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Our Filosophy

The vineyard is the heart of the entire undertaking. Sometimes it drives us mad, and on other occasions it makes us rejoice. It’s there, nevertheless, that we spend a considerable portion of our lives. We try to comply with its demands and thus allow its personality to emerge, without unwarranted strain or tension. . On this account we strive to obtain each year the proper quota of production, thus ...read more

Our Territory

Verdicchio only gives its best in the Marche region, between the Adriatic sea and the Apennine mountains, in sometimes narrow, sometimes softly sloped valleys, always swept by a gentle breeze, sometimes at considerable altitudes characterized by wide temperature ranges. The territory of Apiro ensures its best expression: located on a hill at the feet of Mount San Vicino...read more

The Vines

Verdicchio, the King of White Wines, a Red Wine disguised as a White one. Its origins are lost in centuries, but then converge into the only land where it can always give its best. It is a strong, full-bodied variety of grapes, which tends to late ripening and favours well-exposed hilly regions and calcareous-clayey soils, preferably not too dry. It has excellent sugar-development properties and ...read more


Looking at the general weather condition all over thru the year, we had: a dry spring with warm temperatures, a bit above the average for the period which anticipated the budding; the summer season brought more rain with numerous thermal oscillations. This was followed by hot weather, interspersed with more cold and rainy days, during which the temperature.....read more

The Wines


Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi classico superiore Andrea Felici
A blend of young and older vineyards
Winemaking method: few days on the skins
Ageing process: In stainless steel tanks
Aging on yeasts: 3 months
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Vigna Il Cantico della Figura - Verdicchio dei castelli di Jesi classico riserva
Winemaking method: fermentation on the skins (2 weeks)
Ageing process: In vitrified cement
Ageing on yeasts: 12 months
An additional 6 months in bottles before being released into the market.
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