The 2017 was characterized by a warm spring, with little rains and few extreme events.
In particular in April we had a first hail fall and around the 21st a strong frost that caused important damages to the sprouts.
During the first summer months the temperature increased and luckily some rainy events has generated great thermal excursions.
After those rains other hail falls followed.
During both July and August temperature went above the season average bringing the grapes to an early ripening.
The harvest started on the 4th of September, almost two weeks earlier than usual, picking grapes with around 18°/19° Babo.
On the 11th of September, thanks to some rains, the temperature started to drop both during day and night time giving origin to important day-night thermal excursions. The dry season and the great final maturation allowed us to collect grapes in perfect conditions and with great quality (both very nice acidity and excellent sugar maturation).
The harvest lasted till the 15th of September.
In general, even if the hails, the frost and the hot summer created a collection of extreme situations, the final results are very good from the quality point of view.
While quantity wise, the production was around 35% less than the previous years.


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